Creative lose MP3 class-action suit

Creative have lost the class-action suit brought against them regarding the quoted capacity of their PMPs.  As such, the company will be forced to offer discounts on future hardware purchases to those who bought a hard-drive based MP3 player before Creative made clear in their documentation exactly what storage was available.  On offer to claimants is a half-price ZEN Stone or 20-percent off any single item at the Creative US online store.

The argument centered on Creative's interpretation of 1GB as being 1,000,000,000B, rather than the more accurate 1,073,741,824B.  Because of that, the suit alleged that quoted figures for estimated storage were over-exaggerated by around 7-percent.  After 2004 the company highlighted this discrepancy in their documentation.

If you believe you are eligible for the discount, you can find full details on how to claim here.  Applications need to be received by August 7th. 

[via TechRadar]