Crayta Stadia "free" launch better battle Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox

Crayta is a game that'll be launched on Google Stadia first, for free, just so long as you have a Stadia Pro subscription. You can also purchase the game on its own, on Stadia, for approximately $40 USD. But why would you want to buy this game you might never have heard of before right this minute?

Crayta will have a Stadia First launch. That means it'll likely appear on other platforms in the future, but it'll be temporarily exclusive to the Google cloud gaming platform. Here, the team suggests that users will be able to create games with friends, together in the cloud, regardless of your past experience with game creation.

That's a very, very bold claim. The game appears to have all the right ingredients to get the job done. Below you'll see a stream from the creators of Crayta over at Unit 2 Games.

To beat Fortnite

Here we've got a game that looks a lot like Fortnite. That's largely due to its base gaming engine, Unreal Engine 4, the same engine used to create Fortnite. You'll be able to roll with "a range of high quality customization options," in both game creation and user avatar decoration. "Collect outfits, emotes, drones, and more to tailor your identity throughout the game."

To beat Minecraft

Minecraft is the de-facto custom-built game, a game that's made to break down and build up. This game isn't nearly so simple looking at Minecraft, so it'd have that "this looks unfamiliar" hurdle to overcome... if it didn't look so extremely similar to Fortnite.

To beat Roblox

This one's going to be difficult. Not that Minecraft and Fortnite aren't so massively popular, but Roblox is like the MySpace of online do-anything games right now, and it's like we're living in a 2007 state of mind. But IF the folks that've made Crayta do it right, they'll scoop up the masses.

Here's the ultimate key

Unlike "DIY" games such as this that've launched in the past, Crayta is going to need to be available to play, easily, on multiple platforms. Crayta will eventually need to launch on ALL the platforms, if at all possible. Stadia is a good way to start that process, since Stadia works on basically every device imaginable, so long as you've got a strong internet connection.

Take a peek at the demo action above and let us know if you're planning on getting in on the Crayta action. We'll be there! Per Unit 2 Games, this game will have two versions. One Premium, one Deluxe.

Premium Edition

- FREE on Stadia Pro

- Non-Pro subscribers: $39.99/€34.99/£29.99

Deluxe Edition

- Upgrade from Premium Edition: $24.99/€22.99/£19.99

- Full Deluxe Edition: $59.99/€54.99/£49.99

Deluxe includes "a variety of additional exclusive cosmetics, a permanent XP boost, and a pack of 1000 Crayta Credits."