CrashPlan Home just shut down: You need a new cloud

Chris Burns - Aug 22, 2017
CrashPlan Home just shut down: You need a new cloud

CrashPlan for Home just shut down its cloud service and its creators at Code42 are sunsetting service. People that use the service will need to move their data off the CrashPlan for Home servers as soon as possible. When the service is fully sunset, the sun wont be coming back again – and all that data will be lost.

Code42 suggested this afternoon that they will no longer be selling new CrashPlan for Home subscriptions. They also will not be renewing any CrashPlan subscriptions, and they will begin to “sunset the product over several months.” This is all effective as of August 22nd, 2017 – that’s the day this article was first published.

Code42’s message to CrashPlan for Home users included “protecting your data is important to us,” and went on to say that “We will honor your existing CrashPlan for Home subscription, keeping your data safe, as always.” That includes people whose plans run out this month – they’ve extended all subscriptions to CrashPlan for Home by 60 days (for free) so that you have “time to transition to a new backup solution.”

“As we shift our business strategy to focus exclusively on enterprise and small business segments, you have two great options to continue getting the best backup solution,” said Code42. CrashPlan for Home users will need to have all of their data out or transferred to another Code42 plan by October 23rd, 2018. On that day, CrashPlan for Home is dead and over, and all data will be forfeit.

Winners for the most attentive social media team in the wake of this closer has to go to Backblaze. While I’ve not personally used Backblaze and can therefore not exactly recommend anyone use it, they certainly seem to be on the ball today. Look at this glorious use of a Planet of the Apes gif right here.

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