CPT transflective display takes on Pixel Qi [Video]

If you've kept even half an eye on the low-power computing industry over the past couple of years, you can't have missed Pixel Qi's 3qi display technology and the excitement surrounding what an ultra-low-power screen could do for mobile devices.  Now it seems Pixel Qi could have another competitor on their hands, this time from CPT, whose 1366 x 768 transflective panel apparently draws 50-percent less power than a regular LCD, despite coming in at 200 nits brightness and with a contrast ratio of 400:1.Video demo after the cut

Now, 50-percent less power consumption is impressive but it isn't as stunning as Pixel Qi's fully-reflective mode, at least not on paper.  Still, the key difference might be one of manufacture: there are apparently rumors circulating in Taiwan that Pixel Qi are having trouble locating a fab plant for their 3qi panel, whereas CPT are already a display manufacturer and so are in a position to make their own screens using their transflective technology.

In the end, then, it could be a case of availability besting a more refined technology, as OEMs opt for a good screen they can buy rather than a great screen they can't.  Of course, CPT and Pixel Qi are not the only two firms looking at low-power color displays; we're yet to see the first Qualcomm mirasol and Liquavista displays show up in commercial products either.