CPT SunLight Viewable Display Uses 50% Less Power Than LCD [Video]

Last we heard of CPT, they were preparing a transflective display to take on PixelQi; that project seems to have led to an even more impressive panel, with NetbookNews snatching some eyes-on time with the so-called "SunLight Viewable Low Power Screen Technology" at the Taitronics show in Taipei. The name might be unwieldy, but the technical promise more than makes up for it: CPT say it delivers regular LCD performance but at half the power.

Video demo after the cut

It's not entirely clear what CPT has done to take power consumption down to just half of a normal, LED-backlit display, since the company is keeping pretty quiet on specifications. It sounds like the NetbookNews team couldn't squeeze any data out of the reps at the show, either, though they do claim the new CPT SunLight panel is "richer then anything we've seen in the transreflective category."

If the claims pan out, and the technology is affordable, this could be a significant boon to mobile devices like laptops, tablets and netbooks. Battery technology seems to be lagging behind in terms of longevity advances, so it's up to components to be more frugal with what's on offer.