Cox Communications to air Masters golf tournament in 3D

Back in the middle of the month, I mentioned that Comcast was going to air the first 3D broadcast it had ever offered with the Masters golf tournament in 3D for its viewers. Cox Communications didn't want to be left out of the 3D broadcast action and has announced that it will offer the golf tournament in 3D.

Cox will offer 3D coverage starting on April 7. To view the 3D program users will have to have a 3D ready TV and a Cox HD or HD/DVR cable box. The 3D broadcast will air for two hours each day of the tournament and a highlight show in 3D will be offered as well.

Other caveats to the service include that the HD box must be connected to a 3D ready TV via an HDMI cable. 3D glasses designed to work with the specific TV being used will be needed. Cox will also simulcast the 3D coverage online for users with 3D compatible computers to view.