Cowon P5 PMP with T-DMB and Bluetooth announced

Cowon seem to be carving a good niche for themselves with good-design and, judging by the reviews, superlative audio quality.  As such, it's always nice to see a new model from the company, and the P5 PMP just announced in Korea doesn't disappoint.  Packing a 5-inch, 16.7m color 800 x 480 touchscreen, two versions – the P5 and the P5 Study – will be available; the former has T-DMB radio and Bluetooth.

Storage is courtesy of a traditional HDD, with 60GB and 80GB options for both models and a 40GB basic P5 too.  The underlying OS is Windows CE, running on a RMI Alchemy AU1250 700MHz CPU, with Cowon's own widget-based GUI with haptic feedback on top.  Battery life is reported as 9hrs of video or 14hs of music.

There's also Office compatibility for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as an image viewer, notepad and calculator.  Cowon have also added a dictionary app and 'Alpha Brain' learning app.  There's also some suggestion of a WiBro version for imminent announcement too, as well as a navigation version.

Pricing is from 439,000 Won ($434) for the P5 Study 40GB up to 599,000 Won ($592) for the P5 80GB.  The Navi version will carry a 679,000 Won ($672) tag.  Release is suggested within the next eight months.