Cowon A2 PMP Gets Unboxed

Leaving presents for departing colleagues are tricky things to judge.  First there's the harrowing task of going round the office looking for donations – you're bound to resurrect a few "he stole my favourite mug!"-style gripes – and then you have to decide what to buy.  If you're a woman, it's a pretty good chance that you'll either get toiletries (you are legally obligated by the terms of your contract to make the "are you trying to say that I smell?" joke) or some dubious jewellery; if you're a man, then you might get the biography of whichever sportsperson has recently retired, or worse-still some sort of bargain gadget from the supermarket.  "Thanks, I've always wanted a pedometer-cum-alcohol-units-calculator."  So it's fair to say that Doug over at Gear Diary struck lucky when finishing a contract recently – they gave him hard cash!

Being a shameless geek, Doug took that cash and, rather than donating it to sick ponies, bought himself a shiny new Cowon A2 PMP.  To assuage his guilt he's decided to share the unboxing ceremony with us.  Thanks Doug! 

You owe us a damn good review for neglecting those ponies, Doug.

Cowon A2 Unboxing [Gear Diary]