Could a Google Pixel 2 XXL make you forget the Galaxy S8+?

Chris Davies - Apr 28, 2017, 12:56pm CDT
Could a Google Pixel 2 XXL make you forget the Galaxy S8+?

A Pixel 2 XXL with a Snapdragon 835 chipset and pure Android could take on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ later this year, if tidbits turned up in the code are to be believed. The smartphone is believed to be the third in a three-strong range of Pixel 2 handsets for 2017, and internally codenamed “taimen” in keeping with Google’s fondness for fish. While it won’t be the first device to reach the market with Qualcomm’s latest chipset, there may well be a few reasons why Android fans opt to catch the Pixel 2 XXL and throw back the rest.

That Google is working on new Pixel devices for 2017 is no surprise. The phones – which distinguish themselves with untampered Android, as well as the earliest OS updates and usually the cutting-edge in new apps and features, such as the Google Assistant – have proved a popular option, with Google struggling to keep them in stock even now, months after their launch.

As such, Android enthusiasts are eager to hear what might be coming down the pipeline, and how it might compare to devices like the Galaxy S8, LG G6, and iPhone 8. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were already a given. According to some code-digging by German site WinFuture, though, the “taiman” internal codename has cropped up in Google’s AOSP, complete with a connection to the processor it’s expected to use.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard talk of a potential third addition to the Pixel 2 range. Rumors have been circulating for the past couple of months, in fact, after the “taimen” codename surfaced. Like the existing codenames for Pixel 2 – “walleye” and “muskie” – it has a piscine spin, in keeping with Google’s practice of fish-related internal naming.

That’s not just been an odd but charming habit, mind. Google has also used the sizes of the fish it names devices after to indicate the relative size of the phones themselves. Last year, for instance, Pixel’s codename was “sailfish”, a smaller species than the “marlin” codename that the Pixel XL bore.

This year, we have three fish and three different sizes, “taimen” being the largest of the trio. Exactly what screen size that might translate to is unclear: the current Pixel is 5.1-inches, while the Pixel XL is 5.5-inches. Meanwhile, by trimming down its display bezels and switching to a new, narrower aspect ratio, Samsung has managed to squeeze a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED panel into its Galaxy S8+. That’s despite being only a fraction of an inch longer than the Pixel XL.

The stage seems ripe for an even larger Pixel 2 with a bumper display, therefore, and if the dots that are slowly being connected pan out, it could be quite the phone. The Snapdragon 835 is certainly up to the task of a modern flagship, and Google’s strategy of pairing excellent camera sensors with its homegrown algorithms and processing has paid dividends: even today, the Pixel holds its own against the latest phones from Samsung, LG, Apple, and others when it comes to photography. Provide phablet fans with a pocket-friendly, big-screen option as well, and it could help offset Google’s controversial decision not to replace the discontinued Nexus 9 tablet any time soon.

Of course, by the time the Pixel 2 – in regular, XL, and XXL sizes – arrives, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will have been on the market for some time. As we found in our own review, they’re the cream of the current Android crop; Samsung too has been surprised by the demand, no less. Could a Pixel with the same processor sway you over into Google’s camp? Let us know in the comments.

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33 Responses to Could a Google Pixel 2 XXL make you forget the Galaxy S8+?

      • That’s actually 2 additional years to the first year/OS version it launches with. The Pixel will receive Android P next year after getting Android O later this year and it’s currently running last year’s Android N. Security patches are to continue after OS updates are finished as well making the Pixels the best supported devices from Google that they’ve ever had.

        • They get updates. We get features and capabilties.

          Stock is so feature poor you have to install a full on app to do literally everything. Wanna do a scrolling screen shot. Download install and launch an app. Wanna edit that screen shot. Download install and launch an app. Lol. At least you have a few more frames of animation during transititions to keep you entertained since you’re going to be doing like 10 times the amount of switching around and launching apps. And how’s that battery life? Even though you have no capabilties beyond the ability to run the most basic apps your battery life is on average worse from the terrible work flow.

          The only thing stock had going for it is the fact that the tech media rely on Google analytics and the Google infrastructure more than any force in the planet and smooth animations since if it didn’t have that it would be utterly useless.

      • You hit the nail on the head lol!

        Not to mention we get all the same updates consolidated and have all sorts of hardware optimization added that they won’t get for years.

        Wanna download a flac album and listen with volume normalization and gapless playback while steaming to your car with two taps with Samsung connect?

        Oh wait, it’s 2017 and stock still can’t handle any audio processing even that minimal? And you still have to go into settings to manage blue tooth? At least you’ll drop a few less frames as you take the long way to do every basic task.

    • The feature set of stock android is so poor though. While the version number is higher, the additional optimizations and features that galaxies feature set it a good few years past stock android. And moreover stocks android needs to have more patches because it’s the guinea pig android. It gets all the bugs first, patches that fix things that the last patches broke, and the most restrictive feature set possible.

      Galaxies on marshmallow had features that android o are barely beginning to add. Unfortunately do to tech media bias there is virtually zero coverage of any drawbacks to stock and only the most shallow capabilties ever ever covered for OEM variants.

      What’s even worse is that the innovations of 3rd parties are often not only never covered but to add insult to injury the ignorance of the public is then exploited to make the feature seem like it’s a defect or something bad while they never explain why it really is the way it is.

      The pink screen tint “issue”, when Apple does white point shifting and named it the “true tone display” that the invented years after galaxies already had it, it’s covered and hyped up as something good, when galaxies do it they convinced that it’s a bad thing. Then there’s Knox which you can only find hit pieces about and no explanation of what it is and how to use it at all, Samsung pro audio if you look it up all you find is a completely bogus hut piece by superpowered that isn’t remotely true at all. It claims galaxies have worse latency than the nexus which is ridiculous and not true at all. The list goes on and on and on.

      While the tech media hate 3rd party android development and want to extend the reach of Google analytics and attack anything that might compromise their access to our data, those who actually don’t follow their advice and do look into the capabilites and actually try them in spite of their discouragement find that they have a device with capabilties that stock android users have been impatiently waiting for for years. They’re the ones behind in every way but marketing.

      At any given point anyone can root their galaxy and install the latest version of stock android if they wanted to but it would be such a huge downgrade that only a tiny few who are completely ignorant to what they have do.

        • Haha okay. Right now you can look up S7 vs pixel speed on YouTube and find just as many videos of the pixel lagging behind the S7 as vice versa. The vast majority of people even on a recent reddit poll across all device subs showed by far the most issues with the pixel. You can cherry pick whatever you want to and feed your confirmation bias but unless you have something wrong both devices are neck and neck in terms of performance, with the S7 winning in battery life.

          In terms of capabilties and features however the pixel can’t even come close no matter how many weeks you spend modding and tinkering.

  1. It will if it incorporates everything great about the Nexus 6 – huge screen, stereo front facing speakers, small bezels, large battery, wireless charging, and solid build and upgrades it all with the latest specs.

  2. Not to mention the fact that the Pixel camera quality is on par with the S8+ and the phone outperforms the S8+ in everyday use.

    • I’ll just in general Samsung and Google are way better than Apple so don’t pick a side cuz theyre both better than Apple I had the iPhone 4S one day and I just didn’t like iOS it wasn’t the phone it was iOS itself I didn’t like you would get music deleted on you if you don’t listen to it after a while on iOS the iTunes Store you can’t even get music sometimes it says he have to go redownload it it’s just a piece of junk they should get their s*** together anyways Google and Samsung are always going to be better than it was in the camera and in the 0S part of things

    • It doesn’t. You can find just as many videos of the S7 beating the pixel. The S8 demolished it.

      The problem is that the stock android fanatics among the media encourage galaxy users to disabler all the advantages of having a galaxy even going so far as to convince people to disable the optimizations. Of course that happening is going to cause some glitchy laggy galaxies to crop up. And there are plenty of glitchy laggy pixels too, visit any message board. People just aren’t brain washed to blame it in stock android like when the same thing happens for the same reason on a 3rd party android fork people are brainwashed into blaming the android variant and presuming that they wouldn’t have the issue if they were running stock..

      In reality the average user isn’t interested in stock android at all. The pixel isn’t really doing well, it’s only seeing out because it’s deliberately under produced.. You see 10 times. More OEM android devices than pixels. The only people excited about the pixel are those who are paid to be and those who fall for it. If the capabilties of the pixel were really honestly covered compared to any flagship android device at all the pixel would look like it’s 3 years behind because it is.

      It’s like getting a modern computer and installing Windows xp on it. You can get all the updates you want and it still would have no hope at all of catching up with a legitimate flagship device.

  3. If with Pixel XXL is meant a Netflix image of 6.4 inches. Then I would seriously consider this phone. Size as Xiaomi Mi Max.

  4. My Z3 compact is currently making me forget the galaxy S8+… I never really gave any thought to the S8+ to be honest.

  5. Personally, I have been a diehard Sony fan. But alas Sony has been very disappointing. I currently own the Xperia z3 v phone. It’s about 1.5 years late on updates. The charging port door seal gives up in about 3 months, had the phone replaced and the charging port door seal gave up again on the second phone. I have the Sony smart watch 3, Sony gave up supporting it, so no more updates, it’s my favorite piece of tech. So I am very sad. I also own the Xperia z tablet, again no more updates for my tablet either. I am switching camps to Google. Both phone and tablet and I hope they get into the smart watch market. please Google build a smart watch.

    • Sounds like your Z3 had a hard life. I didn’t lose a port seal in 2 years of use, and it still works perfectly well even if the Pixel leaves it in the shade in most areas. I reckon Sony would make a fantastic Google handset if they had the chance.

  6. Still happy with my Pixel XL, but it may get handed down to my wife when the XXL and XL2 are released. Not really interested in other brands with slow/no updates, OEM/carrier bloatware and carrier lock-in/delays. I wouldn’t purchase my Pixel from anyone but Google.

  7. Google makes the software for all android phones including samsung which is what samsung told me. Ihave a galaxy s4 and have taken it to samsung for repairs several times

  8. I must have gotten a lemon. I’ve read for months about the great pixel camera, but the one on my phone is not as good as the one on my galaxy6.
    Not even close when shooting in low light situations​ to the point I’m looking to purchase a budget DSLR camera for casual photo shooting. Not happy about the quality of the photos. But I’m stuck with it because I got it in November. Too early for upgrade but will be buying galaxy 9 next year will not trust “experts” on camera quality next time

  9. They can make an XL, XXL or even an XXXXXL. I don’t care. Just please make the regular one s manageable size. A 5″ or 5.2″ screen with bezels like the Galaxy S8 (literally the only thing I like about it). And please keep it 16×9. These narrow and tall screens like on the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 look ridiculous.

  10. I don’t think so, we were 2016 and most of the phones with waterproof except Google Pixel.

    Second thing the speaker is very bad.

    Third thing is the space of the screen sorry but there’s no comment :)

    I’m using it and it was my fault to buy this device.
    Sorry Google but I don’t think you can reach Samsung.


    • Are you having a laugh? I’ve used an S8 alongside my Pixel and I couldn’t put it back quickly enough, “infinity display” or not. Put simply, the S8 and S8+ aren’t nearly as smooth, polished or as well thought out as the Pixels.

  11. If they serve up at least a 6″ screen 8Gb of Ram, Dual Front Facing Speakers. And stop posing Apple’s ugly design go back to greatness of Nexus 6 design I am all in. Otherwise I keep my fast Nexus 6 as long as it takes for Google to correct their Epic mistakes.

  12. Unadulterated Android with 845 chip 8 gigs of RAM 5500 milliamp battery with rapid charge..
    I would want one.. I’ve been fed up with sandsung for long time “n○t misspelled”

  13. Never even considered the s8 and it’s slowed down version of Android. Even with the 835 it’s performing like older flagships that have 821 and cleaner versions of Android. I’ll wait for the pixel 2 to replace my Nexus 6p.
    The hardware of the s8 is nice though.

  14. Let’s see if the Pixel 2 will be waterproof, will have wireless charging, minimal bezels, headphone jack, iris scanner, pressure sensitive Homebutton.
    The Note 8 with additional Dual Camera, S-Pen and fingerscanner under glass will crush the Pixel 2.

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