Cortana scores Concert Watch feature

Microsoft's Cortana assistant for Windows Phone users has just gotten a bit smarter, scoring a feature called Concert Watch. As the name suggests, this feature dishes up information about concerts near you that you might find of interest.

Those using the Music interest in Cortana can use the new feature to find out when bands they are interested in are playing in their region, assuming they've scored the feature. Windows Phone users with Cortana should be seeing it now, or very soon.

The feature can be found inside of Cortana's Notebook, under Interests, where "Music" shows up as a category. The big question at the moment is how the feature is deciding what bands will be of interest to you — perhaps it looks at the music stored on your device, or something else altogether.

The information about concerts is culled from SeatGeek, and through the feature you can buy tickets for any shows in which you might be interested. One can hope that we'll soon be able to put in specific artists we're interested in keeping tabs on, but regardless, the current version is rolling out now.