Cortana released today with Cyanogen for Android and iPhone

Users with iOS 8 or higher for iPhone and Android 4.1.2 or higher will be able to roll with Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana starting this afternoon. This is the first time the smart assistant will be available for these platforms, and Microsoft has wasted no time gaining partners for a full sweep. One of these partners is the software group Cyanogen. With Cyanogen OS, Microsoft will become one with the most-used so-called "3rd-party mod" for Android devices around the world.

For those of you with the OnePlus One, you'll be able to get your very own Cortana – unique to Cyanogen OS – later this December. For everyone else, Cortana will be available starting this afternoon. The standard versions of this app will be available in your respective app stores, straight through the iOS App Store and Google Play.

5 new Windows 10 features worth looking into

While this app will be neat for those that've never used a voice assistant before, Microsoft reminds us that it won't be as full-featured as its Windows Phone release.

Toggling settings, opening apps, and the ability to "invoke Cortana" with your voice by saying "Hey Corana" – these are things reserved for Windows Phone – for the most part.

Some notable bits that DO work on Android devices, regardless of the above statement, include the "Hey Cortana" feature inside the Cortana app and on the Android home screen (where enabled), as well as missed call notifications with Android devices connected to Windows 10 PCs.