Cortana on iOS or Android re-denied by Microsoft

This past week we saw a question and answer session with Microsoft which resulted in a slightly misunderstood bit of information being spread. As it turns out, Microsoft is not necessarily planning on releasing Cortana to any platform other than their own: Windows Phone and possibly Windows. Instead, Cortana needs to have a far more solid experience at home before any push beyond their borders, so says Microsoft.

It was none other than Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone Marcus Ash that took to Twitter to solidify some points on the Q and A session from earlier this week. Speaking at the SMX Advanced conference this week, Ash had suggested that Microsoft would make Cortana "pervasive" through all Microsoft devices and platforms. For now, he says, any suggestion of Android or iOS use of Cortana is just that – a suggestion.

Ash suggested this afternoon that their top priority was to "make Cortana great for Windows Phone customers", to "make it so good that Windows Phone customers get everyone they know on Windows Phone." He went on to say that the "showcase experience will always be on Windows Phone," that once these first goals are met, they'll "THINK about Cortana on Windows."

"In a future state, the best experience will still be for Microsoft customers that own all Windows devices. Best work is on our devices." – Marcus Ash

So if there's a Cortana for other devices in the future, it'll be a long, long way off. Don't worry about Cortana coming with any non-Windows Phone devices in the near future.

VIA: @MarcusAsh