Alexa-Cortana integration: How to get started

If you're in the mood to combine your Amazon and Microsoft-made smart assistants on any one device, today's your day. Alexa can open Cortana and Cortana can open Alexa. Because there might be a very rare instance in which you want one or the other, this particular tie-in is live. It's just live in preview mode when this article is first published, but live nonetheless.

How do you sign in and get started on this service? Basically the most intuitive way possible, that's how. If you're on an Alexa device, you ask for Cortana. Alexa will guide you through your Cortana log-in process and you'll be good to go. On a Cortana-laden device, you'll want to ask for Alexa, and you'll be logging in right away before moving on to double-assistants.

On Amazon Devices

Supposing you're on any sort of device with Amazon's Alexa, you'll have to ask for Cortana. Alexa won't let you speak with Cortana right away! You'll have to log in, first.

1. Say "Alexa, open Cortana"

2. Alexa will say something like "FINE. WHATEVER."

3. Cortana will have you log in to your Microsoft account.

4. You can now open Cortana at any point by repeating #1 on this list – and you won't have to log in to do it.

On Windows 10 Devices

If you're on a device with Cortana, you'll be following the instructions that come after this paragraph. There you'll find the simplest process for getting one assistant to summon another in the world! It involves demands, and requests, and maybe a keyboard.

1. Say "Hey Cortana, open Alexa."

2. Cortana will say "FINE, IT'S FINE. I'M FINE."

3. Alexa will open and you'll be asked to sign in to your Amazon account.

Beware the future

You cannot access Cortana without a Microsoft account, and you cannot access Alexa without an Amazon account. When you're using Cortana, you're delivering valuable data to Microsoft at the same time as Cortana's answering inane questions for you. When you speak with Alexa, Amazon gains knowledge and becomes smarter, and perhaps stronger.

Now, to integrate Siri and Google Assistant, and the four-headed beast of assistance shall awaken from the pit! The hour of discombobulation of information is near! Fall to your knees and ask for assistance!

Limited Devices

I have been informed that the robot apocalypse has not yet begun. Apparently only US customers on Windows 10 devices and Harman Kardon Invoke speakers with Cortana will be able to summon Alexa. Alexa devices able to summon Cortana are the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Spot. More will arrive in time!