Corsair Padlock 2 flash drive security glitch surfaces

Back in February Corsair unveiled its new Padlock 2 flash drive. The drive has a keypad on the front that won't allow access to any of the data on the drive until the correct PIN number is entered. Corsair has reported that an issue with the security on the drive has been discovered.

This issue can allow the data that the person stores on the drive to be vulnerable. The good news is that Corsair says the issue can be fixed by the user. The issue is that when the 0/1 keys are pressed for more than three seconds the PIN is erased without erasing the data stored on the drive.

The issue can only happen once, so Corsair says follow the steps to set a new password and the data will be fine. The steps for the fix will leave data intact. With the drive locked the user presses and holds the 0/1 button for five or more seconds until the LEDs no longer glow and blink. Then press and hold the key button for three seconds and enter a new PIN from 4 to 10 digits long. After that press the key button again and red and green LEDs should glow. The PIN is then reentered to confirm and the green LED will flash after pressing the Key button. The issue is fixed after those steps.