Corsair Padlock 2 flash drive packs 256-bit hardware encryption

Back in 2007, Corsair pulled the wraps off its original Padlock flash drive. The Padlock was a square flash drive with a number pad on the front where you put in a code to unlock the drive and gain access to the data on it. Corsair has now unveiled the next generation Padlock.

The new drive is called the Padlock 2 and has a much better look that is rounded and fits with the Corsair family of flash drives. The Padlock 2 has 256-bit hardware encryption of data on the drive and access is restricted by a PIN number. The PIN number can be anything from four to ten digits.

The drive has 8GB of storage and needs no software for the PIN functionality and encryption to work. Multiple failed attempts to enter the PIN will lock the drive for two minutes to help prevent hacking. If the PIN is lost the drive can be reset to default state, but all data will be wiped from the drive.