Corsair Flash Voyager GTR flash drive launches

Corsair has a full line of memory products including RAM for computers, SSD storage, and flash drives. The company unveiled the newly updated Corsair Padlock 2 that was unveiled last month. Corsair has unveiled a new flash drive called the Flash Voyager GTR today.

The new GTR uses quad-channel architecture to deliver read speeds of up to 34MB/s and write speed up to 28MB/s. Those speeds are close to the maximum transfer rates of USB 2.0. The new flash drive is offered in several capacities.

The GTR will come in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities. The drive uses a durable and water-resistant rubber housing for data protection. Corsair claims the drive can be used as a bootable flash drive and is nearly six times as fast as other flash drives for copying documents.