Coronavirus Social Distancing Scoreboard is the competition you need to win

A location data processing company called Unacast created a "Social Distancing Scoreboard" for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). This scoreboard's "Social Distancing Score" uses "distance traveled" by people "pre-COVID-19" and now. They cross-referenced this data with reports of people testing positive for COVID-19 throughout the United States. It's not a perfectly scientifically-sound solution by any means – but it is an interesting set of data points.

The chart

Areas on the map are separated by county (COUNTY, not country), and by state. The chart shows color coding, from a bluish green for A, then through a short spectrum for B, C, D, to F. Change in average mobility is set like so:

Percentage change in average mobility:

• A: >40% decrease

• B: 30-40% decrease

• C: 20-30% decrease

• D: 10-20% decrease

• F: <10% decrease or increase

This is based on distance traveled: "Based on counties with sizable number of observed devices on latest day." They're using location data from smartphones of all sorts. According to Unacast, they use "Quality location data from more than 127 million monthly active users in the US."

Individual state data can be found in the interactive chart right this minute. We do not know how often this chart will be updated. This chart also uses data from the Corona Data Scraper.

Who is winning?

Based on this data, the District of Columbia is winning – Washington DC. That's followed by Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The states that've proven they're not particularly ready to stop moving around a bunch are Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, and Wyoming is the only state that scored an F – less than 10% decrease in movement.

Perhaps the most interesting bit about the chart's bar graph bit is the dip. You'll find that when the USA first started to drop in mobility, the number of new cases reported also went down... but then people started to move again and the rate at which new cases started arriving began to rise at great speed.

Now, even though average mobility has dropped significantly in the USA, we're seeing thousands (multiple thousand) of new cases reported in the USA every single day.

Please, for the love of the human race, stay home if at all possible. This is not a joke. See our guide: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources: What should I do? Who do I trust?


The founders of TIDAL made the company called Unacast, centered on location data and the smart processing of said data. "We're building a future where precise and verified human mobility data helps organizations do well and do good," says the company's standard. "From driving business strategies to tracking infectious diseases, we align to the goals of our clients for the shared benefit of our global community."