CoreLocation confirmed for Snow Leopard, plus Exchange and OpenCL

UK newspaper The Guardian has seemingly confirmed last week's rumors that Apple will include WiFi triangulation in the Snow Leopard release of Mac OS X.  According to the notes accompanying the latest seed of the OS release, 10A261, the system uses the same CoreLocation framework as is found in the iPhone and iPhone 3G.

"This seed includes the CoreLocation framework which lets you determine the current latitude and longitude of a computer. The framework uses the available hardware to triangulate the user's position based on nearby signal information. Additional details can be found at /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreLocation.framework/Headers" Apple release notes

It's unclear whether this information is the same that prompted the rumor last week, but with the sites initially reporting it reluctant to break the NDA agreement that usually covers pre-release software.  Further detail from the newspaper suggests that they have been discussing the latest OS X build with developers, who have reportedly said it runs "quite noticeably faster".

This may be, in part, down to the newly tweaked use of the Grand Central and OpenCL APIs, which can offload processing duties from the main CPU to the GPU.  The release notes also reveal that build 10A261 introduces Microsoft Exchange support.