Core Flex Body Gym rocks

Abby McVay - Feb 26, 2007
Core Flex Body Gym rocks

It would seem these days that America has an issue with obesity. Personally, I don’t think the obesity is as much of a big deal as the amount of workout systems we put our money into and never use. There is yet another one on the market and it does seem like a good system.

It, like most other ones, is for your core (aka the abs, back, and bum). Out of all the machines we buy I think abs are way up there on the workout machines, I think all of us own at least one(I don’t, but that’s mostly because I just go to a gym). All you do with this one is rock back and forth. Keep in mind as with all the other workout gadgets one way does not work for everyone, so give it a try first before you go just outright purchasing it. If it doesn’t work send it back.

Please, don’t let it collect dust in some corner either. If you want it, use it, I personally use the buddy system. This means that I have a friend who loves me enough to pull me out of the house kicking and screaming to go to the gym. Yes, I have awesome friends. The Core Flex Body Gym has a padded headrest that cradles your neck and a design that massages your back while you’re using it. It is priced at $60 which is not too shabby.

Core Flex Body Gym for a rocking body
[via Gizmodiva]

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