Corded phone-What's that?

Considering actually buying a phone with a cord? I would, my phone is constantly dead because I forgot to put it back on the receiver and then when someone calls, I can't answer. Now you can buy the retro payphone; I know it is in fact pink which makes me a little sad.

However, it could be cute for a girl's bedroom. It is styled after a 1950's payphone, with an unextended 34" cord. This means lots and lots of cord for you to get really tangled in. It has a spot to put coins in, but you don't need to pay for phone calls. The change slot can instead be used as a piggy bank and comes with its very own key.

Although it appears to have a rotary dial it actually has push buttons, because obviously teens couldn't possibly figure out the rotary. The phone is currently priced at $79.99, now if only they sold them in any other color.

Retro telefonautoma [via smidigt]