Cooler Master NotePal LapAir notebook cooler debuts

Over the last few months, Cooler Master has been on a big cooling kick with a bunch of new products that are designed to keep your notebook running cool. Earlier this month I talked a bit about the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Evo notebook cooler with its screen riser and USB hub. That notebook cooler was nice, but it may not be exactly what all folks are looking for. If you are the type that wants a notebook cooler that is more suited for using without a desk the latest from Cooler Master might be appealing.

The new Cooler Master NotePal LapAir might be perfect for folks that use it on their lap thanks to the soft sponge mat on the back that also keeps the cooler from slipping around on the desktop. The cooler also has grooves to help keep those unruly cables in check and has a quick release fan cover if you need to clean the fan. That fan is an 80mm unit and it blows air right onto the bottom of your notebook.

The air intake for the fan is on the rear of the notebook cooler. The device is black in color and made from plastic, metal mesh, and rubber. It weighs in at 2.65 pounds and measures 16.93" x 12.44" x 0.71" to 2.21". The 80mm fan spins at 1650rpm and should be pretty quiet. The fan only has a single speed and has 65cfm of airflow. The device is powered by the USB port on your computer and has a USB port extender so you don't lose that USB port. The LapAir is designed for notebooks with up to 17-inch screens.