Cooler Master unveils NotePal Infinite Evo notebook cooler

If you have a big and powerful gaming notebook that runs really hot after you play 3D games on it for a while you might be in the market for something to keep your rig cooler. The same can be said for powerful multi-media machines too, anything with fast processors and GPUs inside generates a lot of heat. The more heat you get, the slower things run and you can start to have issues with graphics if the heat gets to be too much.

One of the only ways to improve the cooling of a notebook is to use some sort of notebook cooler. Cooler Master has unveiled a new notebook cooler called the NotePal Infinite Evo. This cooler has a pair of fans inside that shoot air out slots in the top to cool the bottom of the notebook. The fans inside are 80mm units and the Evo is sized to hold notebooks up to 17-inches.

The cooling tray also lifts the screen of the notebook up for more comfortable use. The fans inside are powered by a USB port and it has a three-port USB hub on the side so you don't lose the few USB ports your computer has to the cooler. Cooler Master is selling the Evo for $49.99 and it should hit stores soon.