Cooler Master 500W Silent Pro PSU starts car [Video]

High-end PC power supplies get asked to do a lot – you don't think that multi-head graphics card setup runs on pixie dust, do you? – but they're seldom taken into the garage and asked to turn a car engine over.  That's what the Cooler Master guys have done, though, to demonstrate their 500W PSU.  Check out the video after the cut!

After detaching the car's own battery, the Cooler Master team attach their power supply instead.  Jump-starting the car requires 29 Amperes, which the 500W Cooler Master Silent Pro PSU seems to have no trouble delivering.  Not only that, but there's some spare juice left over to sound the horn, too.

I don't think they're suggesting that you should carry a 500W computer PSU in your glovebox "just in case"; after all, you'd need a long AC extension lead.  More details on the Silent Pro PSU here.