Coolbox is a toolbox for your gadgets (and tools)

Coolers have received a modern makeover, and so why not the trusty ol' toolbox? Enter the Coolbox, a toolbox for your tools and gadgets with some oft-used integrated technologies. LED lights, for example, are built into the toolbox to provide light when needed, and the lid has a magnet inside that'll keep loose hardware (like nuts and bolts) in place. There's also a built-in battery and charging ports for powering or juicing up one's smartphone or tablet, both of which can be propped up on the lid.

Coolbox looks like a regular toolbox, having things like handles, a rugged design, and wheels on one side. Upon a closer look, however, one will notice that it also offers quite a few things not commonly found with toolboxes, including a whiteboard under the lid, a built-in clock and LED flood light, and retractable power cable.

Joining these things is an integrated bottle opener, USB ports, a power bar, tablet stand, and Bluetooth speakers. The integrated battery will run the features when the toolbox isn't plugged in, as well as some smaller tools like a sander or a drill. You'll get about 10 hours of use from the battery when using the USB ports, for example, and 7 hours when using the speakers, while a sander will get about 48 minutes and a drill will be able to drill about 1400 screws.

The folks behind Coolbox are looking to fund their project on Indiegogo, where they've exceeded their $50,000 goal with about $126,000 in pledges and 42 days remaining. Those who are interested in the Coolbox can get an early adopter unit for $169 USD, while another $39 USD will also get you a basic tool set. Shipping is set for June.

SOURCE: Indiegogo