Cool-ER Connect WiFi ereader due September

Chris Davies - Jun 4, 2010
Cool-ER Connect WiFi ereader due September

Interead has confirmed that they will indeed be offering the Netronix-made WiFi ereader outed by the FCC earlier this week, with the new model known as the Cool-ER Connect.  Billed as being physically similar to the current Cool-ER – shown here – the new Connect version will add in wireless support to the 6-inch E Ink display, and will also have a touchscreen.

Kobo are also tipped to be using the same Netronix hardware for an upcoming ereader of their own.  Their existing model is currently on sale at Borders for $149, but only includes Bluetooth connectivity rather than WiFi.

Interead told The Digital Reader that the new Cool-ER Connect would be priced at under $249 when it launches in September this year, which will potentially make it cheaper than the non-wireless model it replaces.  It’ll also be accompanied by a smaller version, the Cool-ER Compact, which also has a 6-inch display but squeezed into a smaller chassis.  No word on pricing for that version.

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