Content Rating System Coming To Android Market

Mister Eric Chu of the Android Developer Ecosystem posts today their intent on adding a content rating system for all apps in the Android Marketplace. These ratings will provide the same sort of knowledge on the content inside apps that similar rating systems do for video games and movies. Siting the move as a top request from Android users, the rating system will include four content rating levels: All, Pre-teen, Teen, and Mature. Details on each of these levels can be found over at the Android Market help center. Get your application rated now, he says, or it's going to be straight to the Mature pile, just to be safe.

To prepare for the launch of this all-encompassing system, next week developers submitting NEW applications OR updates to their apps will be required to include their own rating for the app they're submitting or updating. Over the next few weeks, ALL developers will have the chance to add a rating to their applications – once the cutoff date is reached, all apps not rated will be treated as "Mature."

This leads us to wonder if it will remain the sole duty of the developer to rate their own apps or if there will be some sort of moderation system in place – can't imagine too many people rating their own apps a level that would lower their sales. Or maybe Mature would bring in more buyers? Who knows?

[Via Android Community]