Consumer Reports dices Dyson Hot space heater in tests

There's a little bit of good and a whole lot of bad coming out of the tests that Consumer Reports have released on the 2011/2012 winter season's most expensive and famous heater: the Dyson Hot. We've only spoken about this fan/heater one other time here on SlashGear because, quite simply, it costs WAY too much for the average consumer for what it provides. That said, Consumer Reports did give this fan a cut-up in addition to saying a couple of nice things about it in their most recent report which, in the end, told consumers to go ahead and buy something else instead.

Bernie Deitrick of CR noted that though the Dyson Hot heated the room faster than any other comparable space heater on the market, it also cost more than the rest as well: $400 is no joke when it comes to keeping your living room hot. On the other hand, this device did past the most important test of all: it does not catch fire when a terry cloth is placed on top of it and left for an extended period. The Dyson Hot does not get so hot that you're unable to touch it, and also shuts off if you tip it over.

The only safety hazard that really matters in the whole situation here is the button-cell battery in the remote control which, if swallowed, could present safety risks to kids. After that, Consumer Reports continued to rip the fan a new one with talks of how "at its highest fan setting, the Dyson is one of the loudest space heaters we've ever tested." Deitrick finalized the massacre with a nice suggestion for an alternative: the $120 TouchStone 500 Vortex Heat, available wherever fine TouchStone products are sold. Grab one now, or forever hold your Dyson and your empty pocketbook.

[via News5Net]