Connect the Moto 360 to iOS, needs an Android phone

Not a fan of the Apple Watch? Good thing there is almost a dozen Android Wear smartwatches now, not to mention those not using Android Wear at all. But what if you have an iPhone or an iPad? Unless you have a Pebble, chances are you're out of luck. Not unless you happen to have a Moto 360 and are willing to go through some hoops to make it all work together. Yes, somebody has been able to make the Moto 360 work with an iOS device, specifically an iPad.

This is not the first time something like this has been demonstrated nor is it in anyway an official thing. We've seen a developer who tried to pair a Moto 360 as well with an iPhone with similarly successful results. It even led to discovery in Android Wear code that could hint at upcoming official support for iOS devices. That is, if Apple doesn't actively block such an effort. That said, this earlier attempt remains unavailable to the masses, unlike this new tutorial from YouTube user Jeremy Judkins.

The one important caveat to this process is that you'll actually also need an Android device as well. This is because youll need to run the "Wear Connect for iOS" app on Android Wear. So this method is more useful for those who own both an iOS and Android device. Other than that, however, there should be no other special requirement. You'll need to install the BLE Utility app for the iPhone or iPad, but that doesn't require jailbreaking the device. Once all the required apps have been downloaded, it's just a matter of pairing the devices up and crossing your fingers.

Judkins warns that this is not a perfected process and it may fail at times. Just rinse and repeat the process until it works. When it does work, it still won't bring the full functionality offered by an Apple Watch, naturally, given the limitation of the iOS BLE connection. That said, if you have these three pieces of tech lying around anyway, might as well give it a whirl.