Android Wear can now unofficially answer iPhone calls

The day when Android Wear smartwatches can work, depending on your definition of the word, with iPhones might soon be coming but, quite amusingly, neither Google nor Apple might have a direct hand in it. Continuing his rather impressive exploration of bridging the two worlds, developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has released another video showing how an Android Wear smartwatch, again a Moto 360 in this case, can be used not just to inform the user that he or she has a phone call, but can actually also take action right then and there.

To be fair, it is partly thanks to Apple's design that such a thing is even possible. The Apple Notification Service Center on iOS is credit to be the foundation of allowing other devices, like, for example, an Android Wear smartwatch, to mirror notifications received on the iPhone. This was the core of Abu-Garbeyyeh's first demonstration which garnered no small amount of interest and praise on the Internet.

Apparently, the ANSC has other powers as well. Aside from simply relaying notifications, it can actually allow those devices to take action, commonly known as actionable notifications. The video below demonstrates that for answering, or rejecting, calls and the developer claims that the same can be used for other similar notifications, probably those that require a yes or no answer.

Of course, this is just a one-way communication and you can't use Android Wear to actually make a call on the iPhone. At least not yet. The best thing about Abu-Garbeyyeh's implementation is that it doesn't require a jailbroken iPhone. The problem is that there isn't yet a way for others to test or enjoy this new found connection, as the developer has yet to release both the iOS app and the Android Wear app to the public. And we can imagine Apple not being too keen to allow that app into its store.