Confirmed – Rock Band mic is NOT compatible with the Wii

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 1, 2008

This week has given us some pretty interesting information regarding Rock Band. Unfortunately, most of it has been less than accurate, or at least unconfirmed. We’ve managed to get a little bit of clarification on both the new Mic that was said to be compatible with the Wii and the March DLC that was revealed by OXM.

First, the Rock Band Mic is not compatible with the Wii. Sorry to disappoint, but here is the official word from a PDP spokesperson:

PDP is an official licensee of Rock Band merchandise which include Rock Band microphones as well as USB Hubs. Our packaging mistakenly states that that the microphone is compatible with the Wii. Unfortunately, this is not the case and will be corrected in future versions of the packaging. We apologize for the confusion.

Whether or not this affects the unofficial statement from EA regarding the game’s release on the Wii, we can’t say for sure. I’ve been told that an official statement should be expected in just a few days.

The clarification on the OXM DLC announcement is not at all unexpected, as it appeared to be tentative. However, after checking with an MTV/Harmonix spokesperson, I was given the following statement:

The calendar of Rock Band DLC for March 2007 printed in the latest issue of OXM is a tentative schedule and subject to change. Please stay tuned for confirmation of Rock Band DLC closer to their release.

I guess this week’s info was just too good to be true. Hopefully next week will at the very least bring us the official word on the game’s apparently imminent release for the Wii.

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