OXM (kinda) reveals March DLC for Rock Band

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 1, 2008

Are you thirsting for more tracks to rock out on? Well if you’re a Rock Band player, you know that there’ll be no shortage of DLC for some time. What we generally don’t know is what tracks will be released. Thankfully OXM has gotten the scoop on March’s releases. Hit the jump for the full list.

Week of March 4: Thrash Pack

  • Blinded By Fear – At The Gates
  • Thrasher – Evile
  • Shadow World – Haunted

Week of March 11:

  • Shooting Star – Bad Company *Cover*
  • Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Message In A Bottle – Police

Week of March 18: Nine Inch Nails Pack

  • March Of The Pigs
  • The Collector
  • The Perfect Drug

Week of Mar. 25: Metal Pack

  • Wrathchild – Ironmaiden *Cover*
  • Supernaut – Black Sabbath *Cover*
  • Fuel – Metallica

I’m stoaked to see the NIN pack, and Fuel is definitely going to be a great song to rock out to. The only snag is that MTV/Harmonix has said that the listing may not be quite accurate, citing that it is a tentative schedule. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any changes.

[via Joystiq]

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