Concept wristwatch gets power from wind

I really like concept products and I enjoy checking out weird watches too. The last strange wristwatch that I talked about was the Azimuth SP-1 that looked like an old WWI tank. That watch was real and was something that you could buy right then if you were so inclined. A new watch today has turned up that is a concept, but has a very cool feature for keeping it powered. Most of the high-end watches have to be wound to keep time.

Other watches have to use a battery to get the power to operate. The watch designed by Julien Moise needs neither battery nor winding power to operate. This watch has an interesting turbine looking wheel in red that circles the face of the watch. When the wearer wants to know the time they blow on the turbine and it generates enough power to make the watch show the time on the digital screen. That is an interesting way to operate.

I would assume the watch would need some sort of battery inside too. If it didn't have continuous power you would need to keep blowing on that turbine while you set the time when you want to know what time it is. That wouldn't work well. The design is cool, it looks like something geeks, and collectors of odd watches might like. I bet people around you would think you odd when you blow on your watch. If you want to see more about the watch, check out the video below.

[via Yanko Design]