Azimuth SP-1 Landship watch looks like a tank

I just posted up story about a strange wall clock, and then I ran across a cool wristwatch that looks like an old tank. The watch is called the Azimuth SP-1 Landship. I really like the design and it looks like an old tank from bygone eras and was, in fact, modeled after early 20th century landships, which were apparently, what tanks were called back then. The watch is really cool, and it is easy to tell time on so no Tokyoflash instructions are needed to tell someone what time it is.

The hours are on a small dome on the top of the watch that rotates to a glass window so you can clearly tell what hour it is. The minutes are on a dial that scrolls around a larger window on the front that reminds me of a windshield. The minutes are marked in five-minute increments so the watch is quite accurate. The movement inside is based on a Swiss ETA automatic and is presumed to be wound for power.

The watchcase is titanium and is 40mm wide and 55mm tall. The crystals for the window are made from sapphire, and the watch is water resistant to 30-feet. The strap is made from rubber and apparently, 100 of the watches will be made this year. The price per watch will be 6,800 Swiss francs, which is a bit over $7,800 in the states. Check out the video below to see more about the cool watch.

[via ablogtoread]