Concept Camera Uses Single Glass Viewfinder / Touchscreen Interface

If you're at all familiar with the work of Mac Funamizu, you know he's an industrial designer whose only limit is real-world application. He does not allow the technological limits of today have an effect on his work, therefor he does magnificent designs that might never exist. For this project, Mac found inspiration in a project by the name of WVIL Concept Camera, a camera with a similar aim but a much bigger package. The camera you're about to peek at is made up of a single piece of glass, a clip-on tiny lens, and a metal rim. Of course there'd be some technological insides, but take a look and imagine something so very simple.

This camera goes by the name "Klipp Concept Camera" because of the nature of the lens, which indeed does clip onto the rim of the screen you'll be using as both a viewfinder and a touchscreen. Then of course after each photo is taken, the image is wirelessly transmitted to your cloud, and all is well. How many years away from reality?

[Via Yanko Design]