Concept bike has handlebars that turn into a bike lock

Shane McGlaun - May 3, 2011
Concept bike has handlebars that turn into a bike lock

We have seen quite a few concept devices for bikes around here over the years. One of the more recent ones was a helmet with blinkers to protect the rider. Today a concept bike surfaced that has a very cool way to lock it to a pole or other fixture to prevent someone from stealing it. The handlebars of the bike turn unto a bike lock.

The cool part is that the design of the bars means that if the thief breaks the lock, the bike can’t be ridden. That might not stop many thieves that can just get another set of handlebars. The designer of the bike is design student Jaryn Miller and he was told to design a solution to bike theft as a class project. This is a pretty cool design for a student to come up with and it’s a good concept in theory.

The designer said, “People hate carrying locks, and sometimes they forget them. Some locks leave the seats and tires vulnerable, and if they are broken, the bike is still in perfect condition.” The other downside here is if a thief breaks the lock and doesn’t make off with the bike, you can’t ride it either.

[via Fastcodesign]

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