Blink Bike Helmet gives cyclists blinkers on their head

I happen to live off a larger highway that has wide shoulders on each side and is a straight shot for miles and miles. That means that during the warm summer months on any given night you will find huge packs of bicyclists shooting up and down the highway on the shoulders having fun. The problem is that early in their biking season it gets dark pretty early and since the road has no lights anywhere those folks can be hard to see.

I would imagine that in a large city bicyclist ridging at night would have the same issue with drivers not really being able to see them. This is where this interesting helmet comes in that also happens to be more than a little bit geeky. The device is a concept called the Blink Bike Helmet. The goal of the helmet is to protect your noodle as any helmet would in the event of an accident and to help reduce the chances of those accidents by putting a red LED light on the back and turn signals on each side of the helmet that a rider can tap to activate.

On the right and left side are LED lights that look like an on/off switch to me. The rider trust taps the signals with their fingers and it will flash to show the drivers around you which way you are turning. The helmet also has a front LED light to make the rider more visible to oncoming traffic too. The concept was designed by Italian Giovanni Doci. This seems like an idea that would work well for people that ride bicycles a lot in traffic.

[via Gajitz]