Conan previews Apple Pocketwatch for comedic effect

After introducing the Apple iPhone and the Apple Watch, Conan O'Brien's comedy staff suggests that the next big step is the Apple Pocketwatch. This fabulous piece of equipment will act as the pocket-bound time-keeper you need in all the right places. It's thin enough to fit in an envelope, too, as the video will show. The Apple Pocketwatch fits in an envelope with enough space left over for a giant wad of cash – all the money you saved by not buying an Apple Watch!

"It's more than a binder clip and a wallet chain," says the Team Coco-produced presentation, "It's $259." Quite obviously that's the most important bit.

This video raises the real issue cost/value issue with wearables as well. What costs a few hundred dollars as a smartphone is done – at first glance – in a smaller form factor on a device made to rest on your wrist.

But therein lies the misunderstanding. A brand new smartphone doesn't necessarily require the same precision in engineering as required by a tiny machine like the Apple Watch.

This Apple-made device also has a lot of potential – if what we've seen developed in the few short months that Android Wear devices have been on the market is any indicator, big things are in store for the Apple Watch – more than a binder clip and a wallet chain, that is to say.

See the real Apple Watch in the timeline below.