Computer B.O.- Aroma USB

Does your computer have a little left over body odor? If you said yes to that question you seriously need to double check what smells. I know sometimes I forget to throw away my cups of Ramen Noodles but I'm really not so sure this is the solution.

The new Aroma USB; personally I like pretty smelling stuff just as much as the next gal but come on, you can't be serious. If you are so worried about mysterious smells why not just pay a dollar for the air fresheners you hang in your car and hide it somewhere around you desk.

These little USB drives come in three scents, rose, jasmine and lavender; they also come in a wide variety of colors-black, gray, white, red, green, marine blue, purple, orange and pretty much any other color you can think of. They are cute and discreet so people don't know that you think they make the office smell bad. Not only that, but businesses can put their logo on them for advertisement purposes. These are not currently on the market; however, they are looking for vendors. This also means no word on what the price will be just yet.

Aroma USB-The Good Smell for Your (Imaginary) Device [via Gadgetizer]