Compact set-top box boasts IPTV, VoIP & PVR

If you're going to give up valuable lounge space to a gadget then you want it to deliver, and SysMaster's Tornado M10 Digital Media Center looks like it offers a fair range of features for a box only six inches long.  The spec list is a veritable pic'n'mix of acronyms: IPTV, VoIP, IM, PVR... and then you add in things like voicemail, a webcam for video conferencing, email and media streaming.


Running embedded Linux, the M10 is well punctured with connectivity:

  • One FXO (RJ-11)
  • One FXS (RJ-11)
  • One Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • One USB 1.1 (Type A)
  • One SD (Secure Digital) Card Interface
  • One Video RCA Analog Port
  • One Stereo Audio RCA Analog Port
  • Infra Red (IR) Remote Control Interface
  • In addition you can add WiFi, an interface for plugging in USB flash drives and RJ-11 phone jacks.  Plug in an external hard-drive and you can record TV directly for use as a PVR; alternatively stream audio and video in a variety of formats from your network or online.

    Interested in home automation?  The M10's USB port is apparently compatible with the popular X10 mains-wiring based automation standard.  Available now, the MRSP is $170 or $200 with WiFi.

    SysMaster [via Automated Home]