Community TV series Video Game playable today

This week the folks at NBC have not created the video game you saw in the episode of Community that was released at the end of the third season of the show – but some intrepid developers have. A group of developers working in "LOVE", a free 2D gaming framework you can download [right over here]. This game is currently being developed by a group posting to Reddit with a GitHub base camp at Project Hawkthorne.

This video game features each of the main characters from the popular television series Community, each of them a selectable and playable user in the game. In the game you're not able to currently do one whole heck of a lot, but it's a fabulous start to the full game which is featured in the Community episode Digital Estate Planning. Have a peek at a clip from that episode here:

This game will very likely be developed inside the next few weeks if all goes well, and with any luck we'll see NBC join in on the fun rather than shutting them down with legal claims. We can hope! Have a peek at some screenshots and be sure to hit the links above to make sure you get in on the action right away – and don't forget to give the group feedback so they can move forward as fast as possible!

Bonus clip!