Community should die or make a movie already

The cult-comedy TV series Community is over. It's dead – it's been cancelled. It's had five seasons and more episodes than most non-cult television shows get to run with over their short lives. While we screamed about the show having potential cancellation more than once, it's time to let go. While Hulu has been tipped to take this show under its wing for another season (or more), it really should just be time to let well enough alone.

As Dan Harmon said in his most recent well thought out rant on his Dan Harmon blog, "Ninety seven episodes. Over eighty pretty good ones. Mission accomplished." There's more than enough material here in 5 seasons to make Community into a long-lasting cult phenomenon.

The following shows were cancelled after only a few seasons and remain cult classics today:

Freaks and Geeks 1Arrested Development 3 (and one on Netflix)Firefly 1Star Trek (the original series) 3Star Trek: The Next Generation 7The Munsters 2The Addams Family 2Breaking Bad 5House, M.D. 8Futurama 7

That 70's Show went on too long. It has 8 seasons and far, far too many odd storylines by the time the series was over. Two weeks ago Sony called Dan Harmon to say that Community was going to certainly be over. He wrote the following about said call:

"I will confess, however, that when Sony called me on Friday with the news, there was brief discussion at the end of the call about the concept of the show living elsewhere, and I was definitely in the "eh" column."

In other words – the man behind the curtain doesn't have the fire in his heart that he did when the show first started – or even several seasons in when he was fired and re-hired. What he does have, on the other hand, is confirmation that if the show were picked up by a different network – like Hulu, for example – he wouldn't stand in the way.

Whether or not he'd actually participate is a another question entirely. The same goes for the cast.