Commercial Space Station Brings the Hotel Into Space

Space flight is still meant primarily for astronauts at this point, but that's not stopping companies all over the globe from making it something that could be commercially viable. Companies like Virgin Galactic, and others, are working on making aircraft/spacecraft that can transport regular civilians into space, giving them the trip of a lifetime. But, what if you don't necessarily want to come down? You have to pay quite a bit of money to get yourself up to space, so why wouldn't you want to stay and see the sights?

A Russian-based company wants to make it possible for wealthy people to not only go up to space, but to also relax up there, thanks to a luxurious hotel. It wouldn't just be for the civilians, though, as scientists and astronauts would be welcome there, too. RSC Energia and Orbital Technologies are working together to formulate the idea, and get it up and running within the next five to six years.

There's no word on how much a trip to this space-bound hotel would be, but we imagine it's going to be expensive, and probably increase in price the longer you want to stay. As far as details about the Commercial Space Station go, they intend to have it floating about 62 miles away from the International Space Station. Considering how expensive it is to just fly up to space, we imagine the numbers these companies are kicking around are going to be mind-boggling.

[via BornRich]