Xtraordinary Adventures Will Take You Into Space for $95,000

Evan Selleck - Jul 30, 2010
Xtraordinary Adventures Will Take You Into Space for $95,000

Privatized space travel isn’t a thing of the future anymore. At least, not as far into the future as it used to be. With air/spacecraft going up into the stratosphere whenever we want them to, soon it won’t be just about where you want to fly to, but where in space you want to launch to. (Now we just need destinations up there. Where’s our floating islands?) Unfortunately, it’s still super expensive to get it done. Even if you take Xtraordinary Adventure’s deal.

As the title clearly states, it will still cost you $95,000 to fly into space, courtesy of their very own spacecraft. It’s called the Lynx, and they’ve labeled it as a reusable space vehicle. We don’t mind the whole “space vehicle” part, but that “reusable” part makes us think it can have the potential to not be reusable one time, and that’s not good for the psyche at all. The company is booking space flights right now, but you won’t be able to take part in it until 2012.

Also, you’ll need to toss down a cool $20,000 for the deposit to hold your place in line. But, if you hand over all the money necessary to get your seat on the Lynx, then you’ll also need to take a four day training course, plus a two day briefing before the flight actually launches. A lot of money, and a lot of hard work, but we imagine for the idea of flying into space, it would all be worth it. And, it’s better than $200,000.

[via Technabob]

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