Comic Book and Sci-fi Movies 2017: listed and ranked with trailers

Chris Burns - Jan 9, 2017
Comic Book and Sci-fi Movies 2017: listed and ranked with trailers

The year 2017 is set to be a monumental period for comic book movies – both for key moments in timelines and for finales. For moviegoers that love either the Marvel Comics various movie universes or DC Comics movie universe, things are about to come to a head. For those that love the movies-made-comics-made-movie universe of ALIEN, one of the most major films in the series approaches. Then there’s Star Wars – always with the Star Wars.

The following list is ranked in order of how epic I feel each film in the greater 2017 collection will be. For me, “epic” doesn’t necessarily mean “award-winning” or even “good for most viewers.” In this market of sequels and chapter-cut releases, EPIC mostly means “if you liked what came before, you’re going to love this.”

Each film is listed in order of release date. Refer to this list throughout the year for updates. While it is unlikely that any of these films will have their release dates changed, there’s always the possibility that new little-known films will rise up. This list is one I recommend all fans of comic books, science fiction, and adventure follow.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 : Release Date: May/5/2017 (RANK: #2)

The first film was a surprise to everyone – not least of all people who were fans of the intergalactic crew of Guardians of the Galaxy comic books before the film was released. They expected this to either be a good movie or a good adaptation of the comic series – in fact it was a masterpiece in conversion and fine filmmaking. So good that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is set to be released well before it was originally slated to be released. Now I can see both this movie and ALIEN Covenant in the same month!

2. ALIEN: Covenant : Release Date: May/19/2017 (RANK: #4)

This one of (several) crossing points between Prometheus and the ALIEN series. This is the point at which we see Ridley Scott return to the ALIEN series in a proper way. This is the film that’ll give ALIEN fans what they so desired in Prometheus, but found a bit lacking – if they wanted to see the monster, that is to say.

3. Logan : Release Date: March/3/2017 (RANK: #5)

Logan is a film about the future – not the “not too distant future” as we normally see in X-Men movies, but the actual distant future. Due to the many timelines that chop the X-Men Marvel Movie Universe into shreds, we don’t have to worry about having any foreknowledge about what will certainly happen in this movie. We do have a sort-of idea in that the only awesome futuristic comic series in this vein goes by the name Old Man Logan. We also know this movie will feature X-23, a kid with two claws instead of three.

4. Ghost in the Shell : Release Date: March/31/2017 (RANK: #7)

Directed by Rupert Sanders and produced by DreamWorks (and Paramount), this film takes one of the most well-regarded ANIME features of all time and turns it into a live-action film. This film has a LOT to live up to – there’s been more outrage over the film being made than there’s been chatter about how fantastic the special effects look already. Major will be played by Scarlett Johansson so the film will make millions of dollars – cross your fingers for excellence.

5. Wonder Woman : Release Date: June/2/2017 (RANK: #9)

Wonder Woman was the best part of Batman VS. Superman, by a long shot. The idea that she comes to Earth well before our modern age of heroes makes the entire mythology unique. Like the first Captain America movie in our modern set, this Wonder Woman film is set back in time to a place where we’ve never seen a major motion picture take a superhero before.

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming : Release Date: July/7/2017 (RANK: #6)

Spider-Man made quite an impact with his first appearance (in this iteration) in Captain America: Civil War. This is my favorite incarnation of Spider-Man – Peter Parker as a young kid, growing up as a talkative but reclusive super-smart science geek. He’s not just a massively handsome-yet-goofy computer nerd, he’s a kid – a kid, like he remains even as he grows up and matures – or doesn’t.

7. The Dark Tower : Release Date: July/28/2017 (RANK: #10)

Little solid information is known about this sequel to the book series THE DARK TOWER by Stephen King. According to King, “The Dark Tower is close, now. The Crimson King awaits. Soon Roland will raise the Horn of Eld. And Blow.” A tiny rough-cut trailer leaked recently that I recommend you avoid watching – instead behold this image tweeted by King this past year.

8. Blade Runner 2049 : Release Date: October/6/2017 (RANK: #1)

While the film Ghost in the Shell might have more fan expectations to live up to, this is my personal side-eye film of 2017. The original Blade Runner is the most fantastically perfect Science Fiction film, in my eyes, and it’ll be extraordinarily difficult for this film to live up to it. Of course, I’ll see this one regardless of reviews, even with director Denis Villeneuve instead of Ridley Scott at the helm.

9. THOR: Ragnarok: Release Date: November/3/2017 (RANK: #8)

Now that we’ve learned that THE HULK will most certainly be playing a massive role in this gladiator-infused epic adventure film, it’s become a MUST view. Instead of a trailer here – since there isn’t one – behold the rundown of the comic series WORLD WAR HULK. Bits and pieces of this will be present in Ragnarok – not the whole thing, but bits!

10. Star Wars: Episode VIII : Release Date: December/15/2017 (RANK: #3)

It’s Star Wars – and better than that – it’s Star Wars with Luke Skywalker in it. It’s not that the first film outside of the Skywalker series wasn’t good. It was fantastic. But getting back to the main storyline is always welcome. This may be the middle of a trilogy, too – that means it’ll be the most action-packed.

If there are any other films that you think SlashGear should have on this MUST SEE Sci-Fi and Comic Book Movies of 2017 list, let us know! This list will be modified as the year progresses!

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