Logan movie trailer is Old Man Logan (sort of, kind of)

The first full Logan trailer is out, and Hugh Jackman's final hurrah as Wolverine looks bleak. Bleak in a way we did not expect Marvel would be capable of. In the same way Guardians of the Galaxy broke with superhero movie conventions, Logan is here. In the same way Deadpool brought superhero movies to adults with actual blood, guts, and adult language, Logan is here.

This is not the Old Man Logan we've been crossing our fingers for, wishing and praying for. But that was never something that was all that realistic to hope. Instead, we're getting something closer to what the Nolan trilogy of Batman movies was.

This trailer makes the movie out to be one about a man that's living in pain. In the future, this man speaks with a mentor, a paralyzed elderly fellow who has hope for the future. This man, Logan, must save the life of someone just like him.

Also they just happen to be mutants. This seems to be a real human movie first, then a comic book movie. We might, at last, have escaped the neon-colored cowl of the Joel Schumacher Batman movies. At last. Finally!

The music you're hearing in this trailer is the song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, written by Trent Reznor. This song was a Nine Inch Nails song first – not at all ironic for a Wolverine project.

While this film does appear to put Logan in the future – well into the future – it's not quite Old Man Logan. The Old Man Logan series we'd heard rumored would be the basis of this film came in comics starting in the hear 2008.

The synopsis you'll see in the video here is just about the best we've ever seen of the comic series. The full series is also available in hardcover form in "Wolverine: Old Man Logan", published in 2010.