Comcast's Purchase of NBC Approved by FCC

The proposed purchase of NBC by Comcast has been one that's stirred the pot for a little while now. With Comcast suggesting that they "could" offer low-cost Internet connectivity to families that fit the profile necessary, as long as the deal was pushed through. Hulu's exclusivity of some content was even talked about being overlooked entirely, making sure that NBC Universal programming was available to any online video provider. It's just been revealed that the deal has been approved by the FCC, but the details are still missing.

The purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast has been approved by the FCC, in a 4-to-1 vote. The details of what's to come next are still being ironed out we imagine, and therefore haven't been made public quite yet. Commissioner Michael Copps was the only one to vote no on the proposed purchase.

Details of the proceeding are expected to be released soon. However, the Justice Department still needs to put their two cents in on the deal. They are expected to look at the FCC approval next week.

[via CNBC]