Comcast May Offer Low-Cost Broadband Internet Access if NBC Merger Goes Through

Comcast is trying to do what it takes to make sure that the company's merger with NBC happens sooner than later. They're going as far as to try and sweeten the deal, it seems, as they've just released a letter to the FCC which outlines their plans of rolling out low-cost broadband Internet access to households that fall into a certain demographic. But, in their letter, Comcast doesn't say they will go through with the cheap broadband access, but that they might, as long as their merger gets the A-OK from the FCC.

In the letter, Comcast says that they would be willing to, maybe, provide some households with their previously unpublished Economy speeds. Price wise, customers would have to pay only $10 per month for the access. To be considered for the cheaper prices, though, your home would have to make $20,000 or less per year. Additionally, there would have to be one child in the household that is part of the No Child Left Behind program. So, if you do not have a child, or make more money than what Comcast would require of you, these options would not be possible.

Comcast also outlined their plans for expansion, noting that they would cover over 400,000 more homes within the next three years. However, that seems to be only about 2.3 percent more than what they already cover, so the expansion isn't likely a reason that the FCC would consider the proposal.

As of right now, the FCC hasn't said whether or not they will extend the conditions or accept the proposal from Comcast.

[via Electronista]