Comcast's 1TB data cap is praised by Netflix

In case you missed the news yesterday, Comcast announced that they would be raising their data caps from 300GB per month, to 1TB per month, starting in June. While most people would agree that data caps need to disappear altogether, plenty of people were happy to see Comcast listen to feedback, and raise their caps. And one of their biggest supporters in this move is also one of their biggest competitors.

Last night, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tweeted his support of Comcast's forthcoming changes. As it turns out, Hastings is a Comcast subscriber, and if he's in one of the areas where they enforce data caps, then he's more than familiar with the struggles of trying to balance his streaming habits with his very low data cap.

His praise of Comcast is interesting, as Netflix is responsible for many people moving away from cable TV subscriptions. Personally, I canceled my TV service with them shortly after they offered streaming. Comcast is in a particularly strange position, where one side of their business is actually assisting one of the biggest competitors to another side of their business.

Of course, while the 1TB cap seems reasonable now, other users have started pointing out to Hastings that once 4K streaming becomes the norm, that 1TB cap won't seem quite so reasonable.

VIA: Multichannel