Comcast raises data caps to 1TB for all customers

For a long time, data caps have been an issue for many people. With more and more people choosing to cut the cord and ditch cable in favor of streaming media, data caps that once seemed generous are feeling smaller and smaller. But if you're a Comcast customer that has been worrying about their 300GB caps, today is your lucky day.

I'm a Comcast customer, and thankfully they haven't been enforcing their 300GB data cap at all since I've been a subscriber. I've been rather thankful, because I easily blow past that most months, thanks to services like Netflix, and my obsession with re-installing different games on Steam. It turns out that while I'm still in the minority, Comcast has been listening to users, and has announced that they will be raising their data cap to 1TB for all users.

So far, the company is still only enforcing data caps in trial markets, so this doesn't affect everyone, just yet. However, if you are in a market where they have been enforcing their caps, this will come as fantastic news. Starting on June 1st, everyone in their trial markets will move from 300GB data caps to 1TB. This is true, regardless of what speed your current internet plan is.

What's more, if you do use more than 1TB per month, you have two options. You can purchase additional 50GB blocks for $10 per month, or move to an unlimited plan for an extra $50 per month. Sure, an extra $50 per month is quite a bit, considering that many people don't have any data caps at all. However, it's really good to see that Comcast has been listening to customer feedback, and is making these kinds of changes.