Comcast smart TV launch is coming tips report

One of the biggest providers of cable television and Internet services in the entire country is Comcast. A new report claims that Comcast is getting ready to launch its own line of smart TVs in partnership with Hisense. Hisense is a Chinese company that currently offers smart TVs in the lower end of the price spectrum in the US at several retailers.

According to the report, Comcast will offer two different TV models branded as XClass. According to the rumor, XClass smart TVs will utilize the Comcast X1 operating system, which the company currently uses its line of set-top boxes and its Xfinity Flex streaming box. The

smart TVs would be the latest effort by Comcast to capture some of the audience that is cutting the cord and moving to streaming only.

Anyone will reportedly be able to purchase the XClass TVs regardless of if they are a Comcast subscriber. The big question is whether Comcast can lure smart TV shoppers away from other more established players utilizing popular operating systems like Roku and Fire TV, among others. At times, Comcast seems to be its own worst enemy when it comes to customer satisfaction and support, which could hurt the perception of its smart TVs when they hit the market.

Currently, Comcast frequently offers deals to subscribers that include its Flex streaming box, and it would be no surprise to see package deals offering a smart TV along with cable and Internet service. Leaks suggest that XClass TVs will be available with screen sizes of 43 or 50 inches, both supporting 4K resolution.

Like the Flex streaming box, the TVs will support popular apps including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, and others. Leaks also suggest a voice remote, which has become the norm with smart TVs and set-top boxes.